Spring Smallmouth Bass Location and Jerk Bait Presentation

Spring Smallmouth Bass Location and Jerk Bait Presentation

When the snow melts and also the temperatures of the lakes and rivers begin to rise it’s time to urge prepared for pre spawn smallmouthed bass bass. exhausting bodied or articulated jerk baits designed to suspend within the water square measure an excellent possibility now of the year, particularly on windy overcast days once the smallmouthed bass appear to be most aggressive. Conversely, it appears slower moving weightless plastics appear to perform best on calm sunny days.

Tackle and gear: I sometimes for three poles square-rigged up for fishing with a jerk bait.

7′ Medium quick action rod with a 5:1 reel or bigger, Abu Garcia makes a handful of nice reels for jerk bait fishing. Line it up with 15lb braid with a halocarbon leader and you have got yourself an excellent established for your larger exhausting baits and bigger spinning lures.
I love this established on still sunny mornings. 6’3″ medium light-weight Quantum MXP rod, 4:1 spinning reel, ten pound braid with eighteen in. 8lb halocarbon leader. this can be my visit soft plastic jerk and twitch bail established. #3 and #4 wide gap and offset hooks, 1/64-1/32oz weighted offset #3 hooks (optional).
7′ Daiwa Medium fishing rod with a 4:1 or bigger spinning reel with half-dozen pound halocarbon line. this can be a wild card rod, within the past I even have had success with this exploitation weightless flukes furthermore as smaller exhausting bodied bait. What I even have found is that since halocarbon line sinks it’s an inclination to bring the exhausting and soft plastic baits very little|a touch|a bit} deeper and also the 6lb line encompasses a little higher feel with the lighter baits than the 10lb baitcasting setup. If I may solely take one i’d take this one as a result of i feel it’s the foremost versatile however the opposite set ups square measure specific to the task..
Hard Bodied Baits – Husky Jerk #10, Floating Raps #7, Berkley Cutter ninety square measure some nice decisions. Natural colours in clear water and heavily fished areas, white, pearl, perch and Chartreuse square measure winners within the spring in stained water.
Soft bodied baits – Zoom super fluke 5″, these simply have nice movement and appear to out fish the other soft plastic jerk bait i exploit. In recent years I Berkley Gulp Alive, KVD et al have set out with sensible quality merchandise furthermore. Lone-Star State square-rigged weedless , these baits square measure dynamite within the spring.
Spring is such an excellent time for smallmouthed bass as a result of no alternative time within the year square measure their patterns additional sure so several giant females being “stacked up” within the same place. concentrate on areas deepwater drops and midland spawning areas 10ft deep with gravel bottom and ground structure could be a good spot to begin. Egg laden giant females are going to be actively feeding and might have many trophies sitting within the same tiny indentation or round the same stump. tiny mouth can pay most of the winter in 30-40 feet of water then move in to shallow flats right when ice out and until the spawn that sometimes starts once the water temperature gets to the middle or higher 50’s. Any giant flats in 8-15 foot of water next to 30-40 shelves square measure good spot to begin. rummage around for a gravel bottom, usually times a pleasant rock pile or stump may hold ten giant females throughout now of the year.

Smallmouths usually ought to see baits a handful times before they commit to strike if they’re not actively feeding therefore if you see a well-favoured spot take 3-4 casts before moving. after they square measure feeding and you catch one confirm you forged right back to constant spot as a result of huge females square measure seldom alone at now of year. this could be a number of the foremost fun, quickest fishing of the year. after they square measure feeding it’s not out of the realm of chance to land 5 four pound fish in 10 casts.

When it’s overcast and windy it appears to stir the smallmouthed bass up and have the most effective bite. Anytime i am employing a jerk bait within the wind I continuously use larger and heavier exhausting bodied baits. I additionally work the bait quicker than I do with soft plastics. Rapala Husky Jerk ten could be a favorite bait in these condition with white, Chartreuse and pearl white being hot colours. I continuously talk over with a bait search or on-line regarding hot colours on a selected body of water.

Soft plastics square measure Associate in Nursing sort, and my visit established on calm sunny days. I work the bait at regarding 3-5 feet of depth with longer pulls commixture with short twitches. One key tip is to stay constant slack in your line particularly once exploitation the adorned line established, it’ll provide the bait additional of Associate in Nursing erratic darting motion and also the twitches additional realistic look. additionally use the road as your strike indicator, once you see that slack tighten set that hook. I keep in mind just once an acquaintance and that i were within the same boat exploitation constant colours and also the same bait. the sole distinction was he value-added a small weight and was operating the bait at a rate that he was averaging three casts to each one in every of my casts. At the top of seventy five minutes it had been fourteen fish and he had one and that i was averaging regarding 16″ per fish with a handful of 4 pound, nineteen in. and smallies. the sole distinction was I had no weight value-added and was operating the bait terribly slow, typically as slow as 4-6 seconds between actions. This methodology is very deadly on a sunny calm morning, the smallmouthed bass are not as aroused as they’re going to be once the wind picks up however they’re continuously up for a simple meal. {this is|this is usually|this can be} often the primary lure I begin out with and also the last one I finish with.

For the those who fish them, spring smallmouthed bass bass fishing is in a very category of its own. exploitation jerk and twitch baits is one in every of the foremost fun ways that to catch them. Tight lines!